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Today, the fixed access network serves as the foundation for nearly all forms of connectivity, and users rely on a dependable infrastructure for managing their lives and businesses. This means that the expectations on constant accessibility, high speed, and low latency are set high and keep increasing. 

At HUBER+SUHNER, we collaborate with you to build and maintain an easy-to-install, long-lasting and future-ready network that connects people everywhere. 

Our solutions are designed to be sustainable, compact and built to last throughout your network's entire lifecycle. They are applicable for transport network FTTH access as well as for broadband and broadcasting in cable networks. 

Our knowledgeable and dedicated experts work with you to simplify planning and identify suitable solutions, always in compliance with local requirements. 

Our aim is clear: to set up an infrastructure that is prepared for the future, enabling open access and connecting homes and businesses everywhere to an accessible, reliable, and fast fixed access network. 

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Organise your system to maximise performance.

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Make sure to get the most out of your existing system. 

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Take clear steps toward a future-ready system with the help of our experienced specialists. 

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Transport network

Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) network

FTTH network

Our fixed access network solutions

Indoor connectivity
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Outdoor connectivity
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Bandwidth expansion for fixed access network
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Legacy HFC infrastructure
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RF video overlay
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Optical circuit switching
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We make transceivers work

Benefit from our highly reliable transceivers in your system. Visit our new transceiver explorer today to view our comprehensive portfolio of transceivers.

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