SYLFA HD helps to save space and time with full front access

Written by 

Raphael Meyer

Product Manager

Whether it’s a Fixed Access Network (FAN), street cabinet, or data center application, operators must ensure optimal management of their fiber optic cabling. Utilising the available space is crucial, as exceptional performances from network infrastructure will only be achieved so long as they are managed effectively.

However, management doesn’t just stop at space, as operators also need solutions that are both simple to install, and easy to maintain. This seems simple enough, but if the majority of cables can’t be accessed from the front of any system, it adds additional complexity to any maintenance job, even if it’s just a simple patch. 

To overcome these challenges, HUBER+SUHNER has developed SYLFA HD - the high-density fiber management system designed to improve both fiber optic accessibility and protection.

Improved accessibility and protection 

What makes SYLFA HD unique is that it’s the only solution on the market where all incoming and outgoing cables are accessible from the front, making the cables more accessible to engineers. The solution’s fixed module design then ensures the same cables remain fixed and protected during any patching work, with fibers being able to bend for easier routing.

Maximise the space, reduce the time

The high port density featured on proven Next-Generation Racks (NGR) and 19” racks offered as part of SYLFA HD empower operators and engineers to make the most out of their available space. The scalable fiber management achieved through SYLFA HD also means better support when organising patch cord overlengths.

By positioning the splice tray below the modules, the solution also allows for smoother handling and faster routing of fibers. The pre-terminated, plug-and-play connectivity afforded through the solution means operators can now save up to 15 % of time when routing fibers in the splice process. This simplified process, which includes the HUBER+SUHNER patented LC push-pull connector, also means that the need for future Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) is reduced. 

Sustainable reliability

All SYLFA HD chassis are modular, and it is possible to start with one module and increase them over time to optimise future growth. Once fully installed, customers will have extra time and complete peace of mind to prioritise additional services that unlock further potential and create new business opportunities, with scalable upgrade options available on demand. 

Customers concerned over SYLFA HD’s environmental impact can also rest assured the product is shipped in recyclable packaging. 

A future ready system

Offering an innovative way to approach fiber management from the front, SYLFA HD is the only system that improves both accessibility and protection against unnecessary cable movement. With modules for both central offices and street cabinets, the solution can optimise both indoor and outdoor applications. 

By optimising ownership and lifecycle costs, it also frees up operators to divert capital and resources to other revenue-driving products and solutions, while saving space for more active equipment within network infrastructure. This makes SYLFA HD the ‘go to’ choice for fiber management. 

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