SYLFA HD fiber management system

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Next-generation fiber management for street cabinets and central offices

SYLFA HD is the latest addition to the comprehensive portfolio of scalable fiber management systems from HUBER+SUHNER. Discover all the challenges that can be overcome with this new take on high-density fiber management that is cost-efficient, reliable and scalable. 

Key benefits

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Save time

Fast and effective installation through pre-terminated plug and play connectivity and simplified routing in the splice process saves up to 15% of time.

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Improve accessibility

All incoming and outgoing cables are accessible from the front and 13mm conduits can increase overall accessibility and speed up the installation.

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Fiber protection

The fixed module design allows no movement while patching as both incoming and outgoing cables are fixed.

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The modular approach offers scalable upgrade options on demand.

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The packaging is made out of recycled PET material. 

SYLFA HD solutions

Effortless splicing 

The spacious splice tray located conveniently below the modules allows for smooth handling and lightning-fast routing for optimized performance. 

High density

High port density combined with proven NGR rack allows up to 4032 fibers while providing excellent support for organizing patch cord overlengths.

Front access

There is no need for rear access. All incoming and outgoing cables are accessible from the front and 13mm conduits can increase overall accessibility and speed up the installation. 

SYLFA HD components

With convenient front access, the SYLFA HD fiber management system provides an alternative that is ideal for customers who are looking to optimise space and increase density.

SYLFA HD Chassis

SYLFA HD chassis can work with HUBER+SUHNER ODF racks as well as in standard 19 inch equipment racks. This enables the whole link to be designed with the same module type on both ends, simplifying the supply chain and purchasing process.  

SYLFA HD Modules

SYLFA HD modules are interchangeable connectivity blocks that can be inserted into all SYLFA HD chassis. Patch, transition, splice, splitter, and pre-terminated modules are available to focus on the needs of central office, Fixed access network, and data center connectivity. 

SYLFA HD Accessories

SYLFA HD accessories include the CUB and the CUB extension plate. The CUB is a modular cable break-out unit for conduit fixation that enables secure break-out of individual cable strands. The CUB extension plate enables additional CUB units to be installed in the ODF rack.    

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LISA is used as a centralised cross-connect in the Main Distribution Area (MDA) of large data centers. With a depth of 300 mm, LISA ODFs can be positioned against unused walls at the end of cold aisles or back to back on a single floor tile. LISA ODF offers maximum density of 3600 fibers per rack.


The IANOS system is a fiber optic management system which facilitates fast, flexible and future-proofed connectivity in the data center. Commonly used in 19 inch equipment racks in the data center white space offering very high density of 144 fibers per rack unit.  


SYLFA HD is a space-saving structured cabling solution that is fully accessible from the front. It is easy to install and manage over the long term. It is mainly used in central offices and street cabinets in FTTH distribution networks. High port density combined with proven NGR rack enable up to 4032 fibers per rack.        

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