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Discover the simplicity of structured cabling

Structured cabling enables you to make the most out of your white space through straightforward and high-density fiber cable management. Our pre-selected cabling solutions maximise the performance of your set-up and save you time through easy installation and reduced maintenance needs.

Our versatile and scalable solutions are ready for direct deployment into your white space. You will be able to set up a hassle-free and efficient cloud infrastructure, secure the efficiency of your investment and set your system up for growth, all while focusing on your core business.

Data center zones and areas

Within our data center portfolio, we offer solutions specifically developed for structured cabling in your white space. By deploying our fiber management solutions into your dedicated white space, you enable a simple, stable and upgradeable physical layer that lasts. 

The white space of a data center refers to the area that holds the tenants' IT hardware. Grey space, in turn, is the area reserved for supporting engineering infrastructure. Customers manage cabling in the Zone Distribution Area (ZDA). 

The data center operator then takes overall responsibility for the backbone cabling and connections into the ZDA. Carriers and dark fiber providers install their cables within the Meet-Me Room (MMR) or Building Entrance Facility (BEF).

Your advantages

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Optimise your space

Make the most out of your white space with high-density cable management solutions that keep your white space neat and organised.

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Boost performance

Improve the performance of your system by deploying simple solutions that are easy to maintain and manage.

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Hassle-free procurement

Benefit from our one-stop-shop offering for cable management solutions and set up your white space with the right cabling from the get-go.

Elements needed to set up structured cabling

Modules and panels

They provide adapter interfaces to the end of the cables which connect the modules. Patch panels are enclosures for modules of different sizes and numbers. Typically they are mounted on the top of the racks.


Your structured cabling setup has to match the specifications of the transceivers in your system (type of connector, singlemode or multimode and operating distance). The main distinction is between duplex and parallel transceivers.

Fiber optic cables

Different types (length, number of fibers) of cables are used in the white space. They need to be spliced and are used together with splice modules to build links.

MTP pro jumpers

To be used outside the rack with transition modules and patch modules to build links between racks. For extra strength and better fire protections, they are thicker than MTP Pro patch cords.

Patch cord and assemblies

Duplex assemblies are used inside racks for in-rack and direct-connections and also together with patch modules to build links between racks. MTP Pro patch cords are used inside the racks. Harness cables connect parallel to 4 duplex transceivers and are used in direct-connect breakout applications scenarios inside the same rack.


MTP Pro tools ensure compatibility and allow more cabling scenarios. Cleaning tools clean the end faces of fibers if needed.

Take a closer look at our offering

Read more about the benefits of structured cabling, the most common white space challenges and how we support customers in finding the solution that suits them best.

This brochure describes solution for organising cabling with subcontractors and explains the cabling implementation process. Additionally, it highlights how to efficiently organise connections within and between racks to help you overcome the challenges of efficient data center cabling.

Design your rack setup for the white space with our free Visio stencils

With our free Visio stencils you can create your rack in no time. Experiment with the different components and modules, and find your optimal rack setup.

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