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Fiber connectivity solutions for enterprise data centers

Benefit from hassle-free operations

Build and maintain a simple, scalable and hassle-free data center based on fiber-optic connectivity.

Enterprises rely on IT infrastructure that resides within the company premises. At HUBER+SUHNER, we offer fiber-optic solutions to efficiently set up, maintain and enhance your enterprise data center while minimising maintenance needs.

Efficient, low-maintenance systems

Our high-density and modular solutions with space-efficient chassis and compact, lightweight cables contribute to the efficient use of your white space, as well as rapid scaling. Also, remote and automated optical circuit switching technology reduces the need for manual maintenance. 

Seamless upgrades

With our easy-to-install and high-quality fiber-optic solutions, we bring excellent optical connectivity to your system. And since our solutions are compatible with both existing and emerging technologies, you will have no issues in upgrading your system over time, efficiently bringing the latest technology to your company.

Your advantages

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Structure the physical layer to make it ready for growth

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Create space, free up time and enhance capabilities

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Grow with a data center that lasts - and scales

Enterprise applications

Main distribution frame
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Data center cable management
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SAN components
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Fiber trunk
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White space
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Our data center solutions

Bandwidth expansion for data centers
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Structured cabling
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Optical circuit switching
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Sustainable Packaging
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The ODF patching guide quickly provides the recommended as well as alternative lengths and routes of patch cords required to connect different chassis within one or multiple racks.

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) Patching Guide

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