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Main distribution frame

Set up high-density fiber-optic cabling with low maintenance needs

Build a simple, attractive and expandable main distribution frame with a small footprint, high-density cabling and zero maintenance needs.

The main distribution frame represents the core of your structured cabling system. With solutions from HUBER+SUHNER, you can easily implement a pristine set-up and eliminate maintenance needs. 

Zero maintenance needs 

We offer customised solutions for a broad range of business models and support you in identifying the option that best suits your company’s needs. And once you have a set-up that fulfils your requirements, our advanced automated and remote all-optical switching technology will enable you to reduce maintenance needs further and build a system that runs with minimal physical involvement.

A small footprint

All along, our modular and high-density solutions, including space-efficient chassis and small-diameter cables, support you in making the most out of your available space. 

Do you want to set up a space-efficient main distribution frame and reduce your maintenance needs? Contact our enterprise expert team today.

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The ODF patching guide quickly provides the recommended as well as alternative lengths and routes of patch cords required to connect different chassis within one or multiple racks.

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) Patching Guide

We make transceivers work

Benefit from our highly reliable transceivers in your system. Visit our new transceiver explorer today to view our comprehensive portfolio of transceivers.

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