Unique modules and chassis for simplified fiber management with SYLFA HD

Written by 

Raphael Meyer

Product Manager

Managing fiber in Fixed Access Networks (FAN), street cabinets, or data center applications is a complex task. It requires a solution that is space-efficient, easy to install, and simple to manage over time. This is why HUBER+SUHNER has developed SYLFA HD, the high-density fiber management system designed for customers requiring a structured cabling solution to improve fiber optic accessibility and protection. 

In our previous blog, we delved into some of the unique benefits of the SYLFA HD and why it is the ‘go-to’ solution for enhanced fiber management. For our second instalment, we take a closer look into the ‘Module’ and ‘Chassis’ elements of the solution and how they make SYLFA HD stand out from the rest of the market.

Tailored to your needs

SYLFA HD offers a versatile modular connectivity platform for scalable fiber management. It maximises space with high port density and patch cord overlength support, improves accessibility with convenient front access, and offers reliable fiber protection with a fixed-module design that eliminates movement. This results in significant time savings and easy installation.

The portfolio includes four different chassis to suit all customer requirements. Thanks to the modular design, customers can adapt the chassis to their unique demands of their projects. Through simplified cable management and the solution’s innovative accessories, fibers are better protected, and can be guided in the most efficient way possible. 

High port density, when combined with proven Next-Generation Racks (NGR), or 19” racks with rear and front mounted rails allows for excellent front access and management of up to 4032 fibers. All incoming and outgoing cables are accessible from the front, and conduits of 4, 5, or 13mm can increase overall accessibility, speed up installation, and help organise patch cord length.

A range of sizes and solutions 

The SYLFA HD ‘Universal’ chassis comes in three sizes: 1U, 2U, and 3U. The 1U chassis fits up to 5 modules with horizontal port alignment and supports up to 60 LC duplex ports. 2U and 3U can support up to 12 modules with vertical port alignment and up to 144 LC duplexes. The 3U chassis also features an integrated cable management system. 

The 3U SYLFA HD ‘Splice’ chassis includes all the same features as the universal offering but goes one step further with its splicing capabilities. As well integrated cable management, a splice tray has also been fitted for 15 % faster splicing, reducing installation time as a result of convenient fiber routing and faster coiling of fiber. There is plenty of space included in the splice tray, enabling the termination of up to 288 fibers.

All SYLFA HD chassis are modular and can be integrated with different module types according to the specific needs of the customer. The SYLFA HD portfolio also includes five different modules which support LC, SC, E2000 and MTP, ensuring compatibility with different devices and systems. These SYLFA HD modules include Transition, Pre-terminated, Patch, Splice, and Splitter capabilities with all having cable accessibility from the front or the rear and capable of supporting single mode and OM4 fibers.

A new era of fiber management

The SYLFA HD system, together with its wide range of chassis and module options, offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for efficient fiber management in FAN, street cabinet, or data center applications. Whether you need high port density, reliable fiber protection, or easy installation, SYLFA HD supports a wide range of customer requirements to make this the superior choice for fiber management.

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