Optimize data center white space with structured cabling

Written by 

Dmitry Tsyplakov

Solution Manager

The demand for data storage continues to grow, especially among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). For organizations needing more space but without the requirement or resources to create their own standalone data center, a colocation data center is an attractive option. 

Maximizing the ‘white space’ within a colocation data center can be a daunting task. One area which can be overlooked is the crucial element of cabling. At a time when budgets can be tight and costs on upgrading data center equipment very high, fiber optic structured cabling can help SMEs to achieve reliability, manageability, flexibility and scalability goals.

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Discover structured cabling

When it comes to cabling found in data centers, it is usually separated into two categories: structured or unstructured. Systems that utilize unstructured cabling, or what are sometimes referred to as Point-to-Point cabling systems can, at first glance, appear to be a good option when setting up data centers. Unstructured cabling is quick to install and comes at a cheaper price than structured. But, over the time, airflow restrictions can lead to overheating issues and the overly messy nature of the cabling can often create more expensive operational costs in the long terms, longer downtime due to MACs and a shorter life cycle for the cables themselves. 

With structured cabling you can leverage your white space through straight-forward and high-density cable management solutions that improve performance and save time through easy installation and reduced maintenance needs. With our cutting-edge high-density fiber cabling you can achieve high-bandwidth and reliability in a carefully structured process that optimizes the white space in data centers for maximized performance.

A pre-selected solution for all

HUBER+SUHNER structured cabling solutions are unique, as they are pre-selected to meet the specific needs of your data center. We have leveraged our deep expertise to assemble a one-stop-shop offering that provides a ready-made, versatile and scalable solution ready to deploy directly into your white space.

To better support on setting up your cloud infrastructure, we will guide you in selecting, implementing and maintaining the best-suited structured cabling solution to meet your specific needs. By leveraging the knowledge of our experts, you can maximizes the full potential of your investment by setting your system up for the present and for future growth.