ECOC Dublin
ECOC Dublin

As in the former years HUBER+SUHNER will be a part also in 2019 at the ECOC where the latest progress in optical communication technologies will be reported in selected papers, keynotes, presentations and special symposia.


23/9/2019 - 25/9/2019
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Racks and cabinets

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) and 19" equipment cabinets to meet all requirements. HUBER+SUHNER’s comprehensive range of equipment cabinets is designed to fulfil the diverse needs of the typical data center operator. The cabinet range is based around a common construction of anodised aluminium extrusions which match the innovative CDR passive optical rack system.

CDR - cable distribution rack

CDR - cable distribution rack

The CDR (Cable Distribution Rack) is a purpose-built high density fiber management rack which serves as a central cross-connect in the main distribution area of data centers. With a footprint depth of only 300 mm, the CDR is fully modular and scalable up to 1620 ports (3240 fibers) using LC connectivity and 1080 ports (25 920 fibers) using MTP connectivity. Users can benefit from a C-shaped construction where all internal sub-elements are completely installable and accessible from the front side. This important feature means that CDRs can be placed back-to-back on a single floor tile or alternatively against an unused wall for minimal space consumption.

The CDR is 47U high, 300 mm deep and comes in two standard width dimensions of 900 mm and 1200 mm. The 900 mm version is designed for splicing and MTP-LC furcation trays and the 1200 mm version is intended for patching only, whether it be LC or MTP cable systems.