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22/10/2019 - 22/10/2019
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Outside plants

Outside plants
All remote devices and systems along the tracks or within stations contribute to safe and efficient train operations. These equipment are generating condition data which the train operators control centers have permanent and real-time access to. This is currently seen as the most efficient way to ensure fast intervention time when failures occur and have to be fixed rapidly. It also enables implementing condition-based maintenance resulting in reduction of overall maintenance costs and systems downtimes.

Therefore the availability of a reliable communication network carrying the condition data from the remote equipment to the control center becomes instrumental control center.

HUBER+SUHNER provides all the components needed to build the optical communication network infrastructure transporting the condition data of remote devices. Since this involves outdoor applications for rail operation, HUBER+SUHNER products meet a wide variety of requirements:

Product features
  • Reliable operation even under harsh environmental conditions
  • Resistant to extremely high or low temperatures
  • Vibration and shock-resistant
  • Compliant with fire protection requirements of the railway market (IEC or customer specific standards)
  • High degree of water ingress protection (IP67/68)

Depending on the country, city, etc., rail operators have differing requirements for their network's components. HUBER+SUHNER therefore offers:

  • Support in finding the right products
  • Customer and project-specific products
  • Customer and project-specific tests
  • Support during implementation
  • Customer service

You can find detailed information about our services in our service section.

Related Products

FO cable systems

HUBER+SUHNER is the global leader for remote radio installation solutions. We have a comprehensive offering of FTTA (fiber-to the-antenna), PTTA (power-to-the-antenna) and HTTA (hybrid-to-the-antenna) products, which are tailored to the customer’s needs. We advise operators about which installation methods are available and what their advantages are. We are experts on how to make savings on installation costs and how expensive follow-up costs can be saved. HUBER+SUHNER implements future-proof passive cable network infrastructures, which are compatible with all system vendor products and endure the future generations of active equipment.

Pre-assembled, ready to connect: Assemblies and cable systems from HUBER+SUHNER guarantee the rapid and safe installation of reliable connections - even in the field. These solutions are used for a range of different indoor and outdoor applications.



Multi-riser cable with distribution box

MASTERLINE Classic uses separate multi-fiber and multi-conductor copper riser cables that are connected to mast mounted FTTA/PTTA distribution boxes which are then linked to the RRHs with short jumper cables. Traditionally multi-riser cables with distribution boxes have been the preferred solution for multi-RRH installations, however with the increasing number of remote radios per site mast space limitations and wind loading have become critical issues to operators.
Moreover some operators can incur extra leasing costs for every box placed on the mast, thus distribution box based systems are gradually being superseded by box-less solutions like MASTERLINE Extreme (see  page 42). In general, the installation method with boxes is cost effective and offers installation flexibility but it does require handling and connecting of indoor LC connectors at the mast-top distribution box. Many operators want to avoid the risk of opening and maintaining mast-top boxes by non-trained or non-authorised persons.



Multi-riser cable with compact divider

MASTERLINE Extreme with Q-ODC-2 connectors is an efficient solution in terms of ease of installation, cost and required space on the mast. The compact divider minimises the wind-load and can be fed through small holes (80 mm diameter). The ruggedised push-pull connector Q-ODC allows the installer to connect the RRH jumper cables with a single "click", making it a genuine "plug & play" cabling system. MLE with Q-ODC is available to support up to 12 remote radios.
MASTERLINE Extreme with one Q-ODC-12 connector allows the installer to connect 6 RRH jumper cables with a single "click" and can even be installed through holes with a diameter of 20 mm. The Q-ODC-12 connector has the highest fiber density, based on the proven QN push-pull mating system and can connect 12 fibers in one mating step.
MASTERLINE Extreme is the preferred choice of network installers who require trouble free, reliable and efficient field deployments. HUBER+SUHNER`s MASTERLINE Extreme product family is unique in the market and provides the best value for money.



Multi-riser cable with compact connector head

MASTERLINE Ultimate is HUBER+SUHNER’s most innovative fiber optic cabling system for remote radio installations. The pre-connectorised factory-sealed fiber optic systems support up to 12 RRHs and connect the remote radios with easy-to-install Q-ODC fiber optic jumpers.

The robust connector head with an integrated pulling eye allows easy cable lifting without the need for hoisting grips. The encapsulated connector head can be directly attached to the mast with a single "click" at a pre-mounted adaptor plate. These unique features make MASTERLINE Ultimate the best-in-class product in terms of ease of mast-top installation, installation robustness and efficiency.

FO cables

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of fiber optical cables, optimised for fix or mobile applications at indoor and outdoor areas. Due to new market demands innovative products are developed and tested in accordance with international standards, which fulfil high mechanical and thermal conditions as well as fire requirements.

LSFH multi-fiber loose tube

LSFH multi-fiber loose tube

  • For outdoor and indoor installations and in mechanically unprotected environments
  • Data cable in distribution networks
  • For installations directly in the ground

LSFH Twintube

LSFH Twintube

  • For installations directly in the ground and in mechanically unprotected environments
  • As data cable in distribution networks
  • For outdoor installation in wet cable ducts and pipes
  • Ideal for applications involving high safety requirements in the event of fire
  • Fire performance in accordance with IEC 60331-25

FO connectors

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of fiber optic connectors optimised for both indoor and outdoor applications. Customer-specific connectors are also available in addition to a comprehensive standard product portfolio. In response to the rapid increase in requirements on different markets, HUBER+SUHNER develops innovative products tested in accordance with international standards. All fiber optic connectors meet the highest mechanical and thermal specifications.

fiber optic interfaces for rail

HUBER+SUHNER is the leading supplier of compact harsh environment fiber optic interfaces. Railway equipment is installed in many different types of environments where climatic and mechanical conditions are often severe, either for rolling-stock or for ground applications. Therefore robustness and reliability are crucial for the design of railway equipment interfaces. Additionally, the interface needs to be safe to install and must not cause any installation errors – this is essential to compensate for unskilled installers. Innovation and field-experience enables HUBER+SUHNER to design leading interfaces for Rail equipment like the ODC, Q-ODC and Q-XCO.
For applications in protected environment, HUBER+SUHNER also manufactures standard optical connectors and assemblies based on conventional designs such as LC, SC, ST or MTP.

Customer Service
Customer Service
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