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In-carriage solutions

In-carriage solutions
Increased complexity in train systems has increased car body wiring. This in turn impacts on the space required for extra wiring and increases weight, which has an adverse affect on performance and cost of ownership. This means that wiring the individual components is becoming increasingly challenging. Under these conditions, the use of thinwall and lightweight cables is essential to meet the technical challenges of the market while simultaneously reducing the amount of combustible material and thus potential fire hazard.

To transmit signals and power within the train, HUBER+SUHNER has been developing, constructing and manufacturing an extensive range of single cores, multicore cables and inter-vehicle jumper systems for many years. Bulk cables are just as much a part of the offering as pre-assembled cables or customer-specific cable systems. All products are completely halogen free, non-toxic, low-smoke, and resistant to abrasion and fire. Therefore, they provide a very high degree of safety for all passengers throughout the entire life cycle of the rail vehicle.

Application areas
  • Driver's desk
  • Traction motors
  • Air conditioning
  • Control and safety equipment
  • Bogie
  • Complete coach harnesses
  • Control panels and cubicles
  • Lighting systems
  • Inter-vehicle systems

Related Products

Power cables

Main characteristics of the cables include excellent resistance to heat, a high current capacity, a robust composition, a compact design, outstanding flexibility and a long service life.



Halogen free, compact power cables for flexible applications.



Halogen free, compact, dual wall power cables



RADOX 3 GKW 600V cables are qualified for protected fixed cabling and installation inside of rolling stock to connect fixed parts in AC and DC applications. Typical applications include carriage wiring, terminal boxes, power supply to various systems and ground connection.

The RADOX EN 50264-3-1-600V cables fulfil the demanding requirements of the EN 50264 standards
(material level: M).

Fire resistant (FR)

Fire resistant (FR)

Effective and economical – simply use RADOX FR safety cables wherever a high level of safety is a priority. RADOX FR cables maintain circuit integrity in case of a fire situation ensuring that essential circuits maintain operational.

Databus cables

Providing cables that reliably transmit ever increasing volumes of data while meeting demaning market requirements is the greatest challenge for cable manufacturers. For this purpose, HUBER+SUHNER has included databus cables in its product range for different markets.

HUBER+SUHNER combines extensive expertise in data communication with electron-beam-cross-linked material technology. The databus cables developed in-house (pre-terminated on request) provide reliable solutions for use in high-temperature applications and harsh environmental conditions. The databuses fulfil the requirements of different markets due to their excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics.



RADOX® Databus 120 Ohm XM S EN meets the demanding requirements of fire safety standards EN 45545-2.



Control cables


As one of the leading providers of standard and customer-specific cables and cable systems, HUBER+SUHNER delivers the optimum solution for the wiring of rail vehicles such as regional trains, high-speed trains, underground railways, trams and locomotives.

Its many years of experience in the rail sector give customers the reassuring knowledge that, with HUBER+SUHNER, they will receive innovative products that work perfectly.

RADOX railway cables meet the demanding requirements of the rail market and has been tested successfully in accordance with European cable standards EN 50264 and EN 50306, as well as standards GOST 20.57.406-81, Method 204-1 and GOST 17491-80. This gives customers an additional safety factor.




The new RADOX EN 50306 railway cables are based on the recently developed, halogen-free, electron-beam crosslinked insulation system RADOX EI 306 with the sheath material RADOX EM 104, and comply with the specifications of standard EN 50306 (hazard level: HL3; property level: M).

All cores and cables have tin-plated stranded copper conductors and halogen-free insulation sheaths and materials. The cores and cables are designed for unprotected installation (Class E) or for protected installation (Class P). They are intended for permanent installation in rail vehicles or for applications in which a limited alternating bending stress occurs during service.

Jumper cables

HUBER+SUHNER designs and produces a wide range of RADOX Jumper cables for data and power transmission.

RADOX Jumper cables are specially designed for demanding applications, where permanent movements combined with enhanced fire performance are required.

Customer specific multi core cables

Composed of:

  • RADOX signal and power cables
  • RADOX Databus cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • fibre optic cables


  • Very flexible
  • Mechanically robust
  • High abrasion resistant
  • Small dimensions
  • Individually configurable
  • High resistance to oil, fuel, acid, alcali- and weathering
  • Meeting the common railway fire safety requirements

Customer benefit

  • Long operating time
  • Standard solutions
  • Customer specific conduit solutions

RF cables

Some products cannot be allocated in any of the three main lines. They are consolidated in the speciality cable line. It includes special designs like odd impedance, twinax or triax cables. A selection of low-noise coax and triax cables is also available. Cables with special qualification, for instance in accordance with railway norms like EN 45545 or in accordance with UL are also listed in this section.

RF railway cables

RF railway cables

RADOX® RF coax cables are specifically developed for the rail market and are fully compliant with the European rail norm EN45545. Standard RG types can be replaced by RADOX® RF cables from a dimensional point of view while being low smoke and flame resistant due to the RADOX® jacket material. Additional coax railway cables are also available with extra low loss designs.

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Customer Service
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