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Bus-technology networks

Bus-technology networks
Many train modernisation projects are driven by an update of communication technology. Nevertheless, many train operators are still reluctant to change the way operational data is managed to anything else but conventional data buses.
These buses are quite limited in bandwidth and require specific equipment manufactured by a select number of suppliers. But they have proven over the years to be reliable and have gained significant trust from the industry.
The development of the IEC 61375 standard for train communication networks takes this into account.

Standard IEC 61375
  • Defines the outline conditions for ensuring train network interoperability regardless of the train manufacturer, rail operator, country of origin etc.
  • The standard allows the use of different technologies
Enable the construction of:
  • Train backbone networks using WTB (Wire Train Bus) connectivity components
  • Networks using MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) connectivity components
Application areas
Data networks running in parallel on a train, e.g.
  • A bus-technology network for operational data
  • A switched-technology network for multimedia data
Operational data
Unlike multimedia data, operational data is generally considered to be more safety critical as it relates to the data generated by sensors monitoring operational key functions of the train:
  • Brakes
  • Doors
  • Traction control
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Lights

Inter-vehicle jumper systems - important backbone component

  • Demanding environmental conditions
  • In trains at very high speed
  • Permanent movement, exposure to vibrations and shock
  • Particularly high or low temperatures, moisture, detergents, dirt, UV radiation

  • 100% tested and optimised system cables specially developed for the railway market
  • Dedicated cables or a combination of optical cables, data bus, signal and power cables in one system cable
  • Maintenance-free use

Related Products

Databus cables

Providing cables that reliably transmit ever increasing volumes of data while meeting demaning market requirements is the greatest challenge for cable manufacturers. For this purpose, HUBER+SUHNER has included databus cables in its product range for different markets.

HUBER+SUHNER combines extensive expertise in data communication with electron-beam-cross-linked material technology. The databus cables developed in-house (pre-terminated on request) provide reliable solutions for use in high-temperature applications and harsh environmental conditions. The databuses fulfil the requirements of different markets due to their excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics.



RADOX® Databus 120 Ohm XM S EN meets the demanding requirements of fire safety standards EN 45545-2.

Inter vehicle gigabit jumper system

Today’s inter-vehicle jumper systems must be capable of withstanding a diverse array of electrical, mechanical and climatic conditions Therefore, the design of the inter-vehicle jumper system must consider the influence from flow of current and the resulting heating, vibration, bending and torsion, as well as ambient temperature, ballast strikes, weathering, oils + fluids and various types of cleaning agent, to ensure long term service life.

Inter-vehicle gigabit jumper systems

Inter-vehicle gigabit jumper systems

The modular approach to solutions, with freely selectable services, enables HUBER+SUHNER expertise to be employed right from the outset of the "Electrical intervehicle jumper systems" subproject. The earlier HUBER+SUHNER obtains an insight into the project, the more flexibly we can exploit design and functionality to suit the customer’s requirements.

FO cables

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of fiber optical cables, optimised for fix or mobile applications at indoor and outdoor areas. Due to new market demands innovative products are developed and tested in accordance with international standards, which fulfil high mechanical and thermal conditions as well as fire requirements.

Breakout cables

Breakout cables

  • Installation in indoor areas
  • Data cable in distribution networks
  • For installation in cable ducts
  • Deal for applications involving high safety requirements in case of fire
  • For horizontal and collapsed backbone cabling
  • Fire performance in accordance with IEC 60332-3-24

FO connectors

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of fiber optic connectors optimised for both indoor and outdoor applications. Customer-specific connectors are also available in addition to a comprehensive standard product portfolio. In response to the rapid increase in requirements on different markets, HUBER+SUHNER develops innovative products tested in accordance with international standards. All fiber optic connectors meet the highest mechanical and thermal specifications.

fiber optic interfaces for rail

HUBER+SUHNER is the leading supplier of compact harsh environment fiber optic interfaces. Railway equipment is installed in many different types of environments where climatic and mechanical conditions are often severe, either for rolling-stock or for ground applications. Therefore robustness and reliability are crucial for the design of railway equipment interfaces. Additionally, the interface needs to be safe to install and must not cause any installation errors – this is essential to compensate for unskilled installers. Innovation and field-experience enables HUBER+SUHNER to design leading interfaces for Rail equipment like the ODC, Q-ODC and Q-XCO.
For applications in protected environment, HUBER+SUHNER also manufactures standard optical connectors and assemblies based on conventional designs such as LC, SC, ST or MTP.

ST connector

ST connector

ST was the first established standard in the fiber optic market with a bayonet mechanism. The ST is often used in industrial and security applications.

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