For the first time HUBER+SUHNER will present its fibermanagement solutions at Cisco Live in Barcelona. The Cisco’s annual customer conference is one of the most important events to build the foundation for the digital future.

28/1/2019 - 1/2/2019
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The global positioning system (GPS) is used in rail transport to determine the train's position and synchronise the time.

This includes passenger information and operational applications such as:
  • Train control, for example ETCS
  • Energy-saving transport
  • Structure with multiple GPS receivers  
  • Direct connection to a GPS receiver
HUBER+SUHNER roof-top antennas can be supplied with GPS antennas for this application.

Related Products

Vehicle antennas

HUBER+SUHNER is offering various antennas for trains and buses that transmit signals perfectly within the vehicle and along the track.

Radio frequency cables

Some products cannot be allocated in any of the three main lines. They are consolidated in the speciality cable line. It includes special designs like odd impedance, twinax or triax cables. A selection of low-noise coax and triax cables is also available. Cables with special qualification, for instance in accordance with railway norms like EN 45545 or in accordance with UL are also listed in this section.

RF railway cables

RF railway cables

RADOX® RF coax cables are specifically developed for the rail market and are fully compliant with the European rail norm EN45545. Standard RG types can be replaced by RADOX® RF cables from a dimensional point of view while being low smoke and flame resistant due to the RADOX® jacket material. Additional coax railway cables are also available with extra low loss designs.

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