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Radio Frequency components used in the Wi-Fi hotspot on the Fan Mile in Berlin

September saw the start of the pilot phase of a public gigabit Wi-Fi access point on the famous Fan Mile in Berlin, Germany. HUBER+SUHNER is providing Wi-Fi antennas and coaxial cables, thus playing its part in enabling users in the area to surf, chat and stream for free for 30 minutes.

OTC Asia 2018
OTC Asia 2018

The biennial OTC Asia is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

20/3/2018 - 23/3/2018

Optibox 16

Optibox 16


• Patch panel for up to 16 SC shape adapters
• Splice and patch enclosure comprising a base, fiber inlay and cover
• Easy access because of movable adapter blocks
• 8 ACS splice cassettes possible (multi-circuit or single-circuit management)
• 4 ACS splitter cassettes configuration possible (several splitters can be installed in each cassette)
• Cable inputs: two below and one above
• Cable outputs: one above and six below
• Hinged half-shell grommets ensure simple cable entry and exit
• Additional half-shell grommet for easy side-by-side installation
• Radius protected fiber management with a minimum bending radius of 28 mm
• Pigtail to pigtail configuration possible
• Optional lock available
• UV resistant enclosure
• Enclosure meets the requirements for moderate outdoor applications (IP56)
• Dedicated area to accommodate gas blockers if required

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