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Radio Frequency components used in the Wi-Fi hotspot on the Fan Mile in Berlin

September saw the start of the pilot phase of a public gigabit Wi-Fi access point on the famous Fan Mile in Berlin, Germany. HUBER+SUHNER is providing Wi-Fi antennas and coaxial cables, thus playing its part in enabling users in the area to surf, chat and stream for free for 30 minutes.


China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) is the world's largest exhibition in optoelectronic industry. The event is an annual gathering for the global optoelectronic professionals to network with business partners and discover the future trends.

5/9/2018 - 8/9/2018
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Wall boxes outdoor

The metal boxes WBH and WBC use the LiSA side access technology and give the installer a consistent modular system from the Central Office to the In-house area. These high quality lockable metal boxes are easy to install and internal fiber trays enable a flexible and modular expansion to any network. The LiSA side access system is focused on speed of installation and speed of access. The LiSA fiber tray can be installed safely and quickly, and access can be made at any time without the need for tooling and without the need to disrupt pre-installed live fibers. Reliability and performance are key to the success of our industry.

The highest level of fiber protection and bend-radius limitation come as standard. The LiSA fiber tray is supplied with up to 36 × pigtails which have been pre-stripped and neatly stored ready for connection. Because the pigtails are pre-stripped (outer coating removed), we are able to store longer pigtail lengths inside the tray and the process of fusion splicing is more consistent and repeatable.