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Macro Cells

Macro Cells
Wireless infrastructure incorporates the differing radio frequency and fiber optics technologies HUBER+SUHNER copes with both technologies and has the appropriate solution for each macro cell application. One-stop-shop reduces complexity for the purchaser and opens up additional economic advantages.

Following our mission statement "Excellence in Connectivity Solutions" we constantly strive to optimise our products for conventional cell sites. We pay special attention to the robustness of our RF components in order to guarantee a high electrical and mechanical reliability. Higher network efficiency and less maintenance leads to lower operational costs.

In the field of remote radio installation solutions HUBER+SUHNER is the global leader. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of FTTA (fiber to the Antenna), PTTA (Power to the Antenna) and HTTA (Hybrid to the Antenna) products, which are tailored to the customer's needs.

Future-proof networks
We advise operators about which installation methods are available and what their advantages are. We are experts on how to make savings on installation costs and how expensive follow-up costs can be saved. HUBER+SUHNER implements future-proof passive cable network infrastructures, which are compatible with all system vendor products and endure the future generations of active equipment.

HUBER+SUHNER offers 3 different FTTA cabling systems, MASTERLINE Classic (MLC), MASTERLINE Extreme (MLE) and MASTERLINE Ultimate (MLU). HUBER+SUHNERs MASTERLINE cabling systems are the most efficient and easy-to-install fiber optic products available on the market. All HUBER+SUHNER MASTERLINE fiber optic cabling systems use glass-armoured multi-fiber loose-tube cables (6 to 48 fibers). With a short fiber optic jumper the cabling systems are quickly and easily connected to the vendor specific RRH interfaces.

MASTERLINE Ultimate has a compact, pre-connectorised and factory-sealed connector head with up to 12 Q-ODC-2 sockets. A pre-laced hosting grip below the robust connector head allow for easy cable lifting. The encapsulated connector head can be directly attached to the mast at a pre-mounted bracket.

Easy to install
Short, easy-to-install Q-ODC fiber optic jumpers connect the RRH interface. MASTERLINE Extreme has a robust and very compact divider which divides the fibers in 6 or 12 single cables terminated with Q-ODC-2 extension connectors. The very compact divider requires only a small space on the mast, minimises the wind-load and can be fed through small holes (80 mm diameter).

MASTERLINE Classic has a divider, which divides the fibers in 6, 12, 18 or 24 single cables terminated with LC duplex connectors using unitube tails (2 fibers in a single tube to reduce space requirements). The divider is fixed in a distribution box and the LC duplex connectors connected to adapters. Short LC duplex jumpers connect the RRH interfaces.

Related Products

Flexible low loss RF cables

The product series Spuma, S and SX provide lowest attenuation, high flexibility and optimal shielding. Products from the Spuma series are similar to the LMR® products from Times Microwave. The series with LSFH jacket material and the radiation crosslinked SX series with the RADOX® jacket offer extremely high flame protection.

The Spuma product series provides lowest attenuation, high flexibility and optimal shielding. Products from the Spuma series are similar to the LMR® products (LMR® is a registered trademark from Times Microwave, Inc.). The FR products with LSFH jacket material offer extremely high flame protection for indoor applications.



The HUBER+SUHNER Spuma product family stands for lowest loss with halogen free materials. Shielding and VSWR are optimised up to 6 GHz. The cables are more flexible than corrugated ones, allowing easier handling and installation. Tight bending radii are possible. With this set of features, Spuma can support a multitude of application in various industries, including railway, defense, communication, instrumentation and others. Spuma products can also be used as drop-in replacement for LMR® (LMR® is a brand of Times Microwave Inc.).

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Customer Service
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