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Radio Frequency components used in the Wi-Fi hotspot on the Fan Mile in Berlin

September saw the start of the pilot phase of a public gigabit Wi-Fi access point on the famous Fan Mile in Berlin, Germany. HUBER+SUHNER is providing Wi-Fi antennas and coaxial cables, thus playing its part in enabling users in the area to surf, chat and stream for free for 30 minutes.


Die Schweizer Fachmesse für Kommunikations-Infrastruktur in Bern. HUBER+SUHNER präsentiert Ihnen unter Today.Tomorrow.Connect. die neusten Lösungen aus den Bereichen City, Infrastructure und Home. Besuchen Sie uns am Stand Nr. 2.231.

25/9/2018 - 27/9/2018
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LISA - side access fiber management systems

LISA is a dedicated high-density fiber management system commonly used as a centralised cross connect in the main distribution area (MDA) of large data centers. With a 300 mm depth and full access from the front side; LISA cabinets can be positioned against unused walls, at the end of cold aisles or back-to-back on a single floor tile.

LISA racks have a density of 1500 LC ports per rack or 3000 LC ports per tile when placed back-to-back. For MTP applications the density is 1080 or 2160 MTP ports respectively.
The main difference between LISA and conventional 19" panels is the fact that LISA is fully accessible from the front side. This means that users can install, patch or remove fiber trays simply by sliding out the tray. This feature is much more attractive than 19" panels which generally require access to the rear side of the cabinet. Patching to the LISA rack is fast and easy and a dedicated slack storage area for jumpers allows users to make "any-to-any" patching with just two lengths of cord.

LISA - fiber trays

LISA - fiber trays

LISA fiber trays are the side-facing connectivity blocks that are inserted into tray units within high density CDR and NGR racks. Designed for speed of installation and improved accessibility, the LISA fiber trays can be installed and removed in under 10 seconds. fiber trays are available to cover a wide range of applications including pigtail splicing and MTP-LC transitions.