RESA: The FTTH solution tackling installation challenges and telecom operator limitations

Written by 

Michal Pelikan

Product Manager

Reliable connectivity is a must-have for homes and businesses all over the world, with efficient deployment of optical fiber essential for a successful rollout. This makes it a perfect solution for network service providers to provide fast and reliable broadband to all, if the right solution is used.

Providing a functioning network
Network service providers aim to provide Fiber to the Home (FTTH) to as many residences as practically possible, with the number of homes connected considered a key benchmark of success. With figures of homes passed serving as a general gauge of a provider’s potential scope, the final stage of establishing homes connected is essential to boosting the number of households connected to their network. 

For a successful rollout, service providers must maximise value during the preacquisition and tendering stages, as well as from their available field installation workforce, the materials procured, and overall time spent. The availability of the material required during the rollout process must be ensured, as well as managing end control of the deployment, which can be a complex and time-consuming process.

HUBER+SUHNER has answered these challenges with its innovative Residential Access (RESA) modular FTTH connection system. With the implementation of this new technology, the process of FTTH installation is simplified, and the subsequent establishment of network connection can be accelerated. Network builders can then enjoy the benefits of a functioning fiber optic network whilst avoiding low take-rates during deployment.

Accelerating FTTH rollouts
RESA has been designed to reduce unnecessary time and cost for operators rolling out FTTH networks, while also offering subscribers greater convenience and choice. The flexibility given to subscribers also serves to boost an operator’s network roll-out, giving them the capacity to quickly deliver more connections with greater efficiency and at a lower cost. 

HUBER+SUHNER has tailored the solution to match the specific requirements of its telecommunication customers, considering a range of parameters - including cost and time - during rollout, as well as flexibility for network operators and customers. Using RESA technologies can grant a significant competitive advantage to the network providers. Having the ability to deploy FTTH quickly means digging is only required once, giving operators a vital edge on other service providers not utilising this technology with a simple installation process.