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Install fiber-to-the-building with our intuitive and ready-to-use kits

Deploying fiber connectivity to homes and offices is a complex and time-consuming process. It is therefore crucial to streamline the rollout process and provide a clear demarcation point that can accommodate different configurations. Additionally, the goal is to optimise the existing infrastructure.

Our off-the-shelf solutions are modular, designed for easy, intuitive installation and efficient planning.

Moreover, our solutions also allow homeowners to self-install, eliminating the need for coordination and logistics. This saves you time and lets your customers decide when to connect to the network and bring fiber into their homes. 

Meanwhile, our broad range of Building Entry Point (BEP) configurations allows you to choose the best demarcation point for your needs



Die Produktfamilie RESA (steht für: Residential access) ist eine modulare, einfach zu installierende Verbindungslösung für den Anschluss an einen Röhrchenverbund. Und Sie ist die erste auf dem Markt, die es den Teilnehmern ermöglicht, ihre eigenen Glasfaserkabel im Heimwerker-Stil auf Ihrem eigenen Grund zu installieren. Hierfür wird der Installationsprozess in zwei Phasen getrennt, dem Ausbau auf öffentlichem Grund und dem Anschluss auf privatem Grund. 

Die RESA-Lösung besteht aus drei Teilen: 

1) Gehäuse (entweder RESA SC oder RESA CC) 

2) Gebäudeeintrittspunkt (RESA BEP oder RESA Building-Entry-Point)

3) Kabel (RESA Jumper) zur Verbindung des Gehäuses mit dem BEP im Haus

RESA is a modular, easy to install connectivity solution and is the first on the market to enable subscribers to part-install their own fiber as a DIY-style installation.  RESA is designed to reduce costs, time and resources for operators rolling out FTTH networks, while giving subscribers more convenience and choice. The convenience and flexibility to subscribers will also greatly contribute to operators’ network roll-out business as they can deliver more homes connected in less time and at a lower cost. 

The RESA solution consists of three parts: the closure (either RESA SC or RESA CC), the Building-entry-point (RESA BEP) and the cable (RESA Jumper) that connects the closure with the BEP in the house.

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