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RESA Compact Closure (RESA CC)

RESA is a proven solution for carriers wishing to increase the efficiency of their FTTH rollout in suburban areas. A straightforward two-step approach enables you to plan, manage and simplify the rollout by installing all 'homes passed' infrastructure in one go. Subscribers can then choose when to finalise their individual installation themselves, through plug-in connectivity. 

RESA CC is designed for single-family homes and provides up to 2 fibers.

How RESA works

The RESA solution is split into two different phases: 'homes passed plus' and 'homes connected'. In the first phase, the carrier pre-installs the RESA module underground. In the second phase, subscribers coordinate the installation of the last few meters, within the boundaries of their own property., whenever it suits them best. 

Phase 1: Homes passed plus


Deploy the fiber on the property edge. 

RESA CC is minimally invasiv: there is no need to dig a hole on the private property.

Phase 2: Customer is ready


Once the home owner is ready, locate the RESA CC underground with a standard device.
Install the RESA BEP in the basement, dig your way to the RESA CC and plug-in the RESA Jumper cable.

Homes connected


The home is connected to fiber.

Key benefits

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Save time

Reduce the effort required to coordinate FTTH installations at multiple properties and avoid digging work on private ground.

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Reduce cost

Efficiently install fiber on street level, all in one go and use skilled labour more efficiently.

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Serve customers better

Enable subscribers to avoid long waiting times by installing the last meters, whenever it suits them best.

RESA Components

RESA components are designed and developed to endure harsh outdoor conditions. Their plug-in functionality and compact size make them simple to install. 

RESA Compact Closure (RESA CC)


The RESA CC from HUBER+SUHNER is a harsh environment enclosure, designed to be buried at the property boundary. It is intended for operators and neutral hosts who require simple and robust solutions for Fiber-to-the-Home expansion. RESA CC helps to prepare the FTTH land development for single-family homes with a need for a maximum of two fibers.

RESA Building Entry Point (RESA BEP)


The small RESA BEP from HUBER+SUHNER is a fiber optic building entry point prefabricated that streamlines the process and allows for individual adaptations based on connectivity demands. Its plug-and-play functionality makes for easy installation. It offers a fast and cost-effective way to provide an FTTH connection in single-family homes. 

RESA Jumper cable


The pre-terminated Q-ODC-2 Mini Fiberoptic assembly from HUBER+SUHNER offers a cost efficient and easy to deal with possibility to connect the RESA BEP for a single-family homne with a connection box or another connection point. It is a robust outdoor cable designed for this purpose.

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