SYLFA HD: Next-generation full front-access fiber management

Written by 

Michal Peliakn

Product Manager

SYLFA HD is the latest solution in the renowned HUBER+SUHNER fiber management system portfolio, known for its high-density solutions which allow for smart structured cabling strategies that enhance performance and drive business growth. 

With convenient front access, the SYLFA HD fiber management system provides a new alternative that is ideal for both central office and data center customers who are looking to optimise space and increase density with a highly accessible and reliable system.


SYLFA HD has a fixed module design that makes it safe and easy to patch by using a patented LC push-pull connector. The plug-and-play function combined with pre-terminated connectivity saves time and installation costs. The solution maximises the available space with a high port density, and significantly improves the access to fiber optic cables with its front access design. With no need for rear access, SYLFA HD reduces the extra effort needed for MACs. Additionally, the easy front access eliminates the additional risk of cable movement which can cause damage, removing the need to repair and replace systems over time.


Its scalable design makes SYLFA HD a long-term investment, not only meeting the needs of today, but ready to address the needs of the future. It allows customers to optimise ownership and lifecycle costs, leaving room for capital and resources to be invested elsewhere. When fiber management systems need to grow to meet demand, SYLFA HD can be upgraded, making it possible to pay-as-you-grow. 


SYLFA HD is an easy-to-use, structured, cabling option for fiber management that boosts efficiency. Its space-saving features mean more room for active equipment that improve performance and generate more revenue. Once fully implemented, customers will have more time and complete peace of mind to focus on additional services that unlock more potential and new business opportunities.