Tackling the challenge of access in fiber management head on

Written by 

Michal Pelikan

Product Manager

Rising connectivity demands are driving the development of fiber cable management systems, from the Internet of Things (IoT) to cloud computing. These advancements are generating more data than ever before, putting organisations under extreme pressure to have the right solutions in their data center or central office to cope with demand. As technology evolves, so too does the needs and expectations of customers, with fiber management systems playing a critical role in addressing these. 

The main focus for customers is on revenue generating equipment, not the supportive, yet vital, physical layer fiber optic cabling systems that are in play in the background. Due to this, space is a critical factor when it comes to selecting a fiber management solution. If you don’t have much space to work with, a solution that takes up as little space as possible, without compromising on performance, cost, accessibility, or reliability is vital. With many of the current management systems on the market, customers are often faced with prioritising some benefits over others, such as density versus accessibility, when both are critical for success.


Different fiber management systems are suitable for different environments, and organisations needing to implement a solution must have developed a structured cabling strategy first, to ensure all potential systems meet the business needs. Accessibility is a big aspect of this, with different systems offering varying levels of access.

HUBER+SUHNER offer a range of high performance, innovative fiber management solutions that thrive in different environments. The newest addition to this is SYLFA HD, a fiber management system for customers who require a space saving, structured cabling solution. With decades of expertise, we understand that time, accessibility and protection are key elements for our customers and should not be compromised, regardless of the environment size. 

SYLFA HD supports plug-and-play connectivity, which can be installed quickly and effectively, with no specialised staff required to be present helping to keep costs low. Once it has been set up, customers can be confident that it can be left alone to work effectively. However, flexibility is important in fast-moving environments, and changes must be actioned where needed. SYLFA HD maximises the available space with a high port density, whilst improving accessibility with convenient front access. There is no need for rear access, and with a design that is based on fixed modules, the risk of human error by moving or adjusting the cables is significantly reduced. The need to move fiber cables and the risk of high damage costs can often be a worry, but SYLFA HD gives customers complete peace of mind.

In the fast-paced business environment, time is of the essence. This is why we have created a solution with benefits that free up time, allowing for resources to be spent where they are most needed.


Customers are looking for solutions that meet the needs of today, paying only for what is required at a given moment. But rather than having to start the process all over again when demands change, SYLFA HD is a scalable solution with an option to upgrade when needed. Customers can pay as they grow and upgrade when the time is right, negating the need to invest up front. 

With the focus on revenue generating equipment, implementing a solution where costs can be kept to a minimum is a huge advantage for customers. SYLFA HD optimises ownership and lifecycle costs, ensuring more capital and resources can be invested in the products and services that drive revenue. 


There is no ‘one solution fits all’ when it comes to fiber management systems, where a solution must be suited to its environment. With space, efficiency and profitability high on the agenda, we offer innovative systems that are suitable for a wide range of industry locations and specifications. 

Our portfolio offers a varying level of accessibility to meet different business needs and requirements. With our IANOS, LISA, SYLFA Classic and SYLFA HD solutions, covering both front and side access – as well as 19-inch solutions – we can ensure our customers have access to a solution that is right for them.  Our entire fiber management systems portfolio offers high-quality cabling and connectivity products, with space-saving, high-density and organisational benefits.

To ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers, we are continuously developing our solutions for cable management which will be updated and advanced with new modularity and options over the coming months.