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RADOX® EV-C cable system

RADOX® EV-C cable system
The high voltage cable system must be carefully designed to maintain engagement at high levels of shock and vibration. The constant contact design prevents the interface from intermittent connections or damage by vibration. 

The temperature can affect performance of an application espeicially when the materials and sealings are not correct. Rapid temperature fluctuations can result in pressure changes, which can pull in moisture and create electrical performance issues. Therefore RADOX EV-C is designed to operate in the ambient temperature range from -40°C to 140°C. 

Cable systems can experience excessive loads in harsh environments. Therefore, a reliable fixation between the cable and connector, stable screening and very high tensile strength are of major importance. 

Cable system design principles 

The dimensioning and selection of a high voltage cable system is always based on the specifications and demands of the customer. The following details are required for proper system selection: 
  • Type of application (eMotor, Inverter, auxiliaries, HVDU etc.)
  • General requirements (cable lengths, cable cross section etc.) 
  • Electrical (voltage rating, currents, peaks etc.)
  • Mechanical (bending radius, torsion angle, fixations etc.)
  • Environmental (min and max temperatures, humidity, liquid exposure type, shock and vibration level, abrasion, chemical exposure type, other contaminants etc.)
  • Application specific (routing, regulatory requirements, weight etc.) 

Throughout the cable system selection process, it is important to consider the total cost of ownership as cost is often a determining factor. For products that will be used in automotive harsh environments, the consequences of the HV cable system being compromised or failing are usually high, and the total cost of ownership is much more than the initial cost to purchase the cable system. 

RADOX EV-C cable system highlights
RADOX® EV-C cable system

Protection against full immersion

RADOX® EV-C cable system

Discharge of shielding ampacity

RADOX® EV-C cable system

Space saving

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