ECOC Dublin
ECOC Dublin

As in the former years HUBER+SUHNER will be a part also in 2019 at the ECOC where the latest progress in optical communication technologies will be reported in selected papers, keynotes, presentations and special symposia.


23/9/2019 - 25/9/2019
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RADOX® HPC High power charging system

RADOX® HPC High power charging system

The RADOX® High Power Charging (HPC) System allows to multiply the power-throughput of a charging cable. With charging times below 15 minutes (80% State of Charge), the development puts super-fast charging within reach – even with big battery packs of new electric vehicles and trucks. Due to the integrated cooling system the RADOX® High Power Charging System offers a much smaller cable cross section than the traditional option. The cooled cables are thin, highly flexible, lightweight and easy to handle.


  • Integrated active liquid cooling system of connector and cable
  • Efficient copper conductor
  • Ideal grip position and perfect grip angle
  • Leakage control system (optional)
  • Bend protection grommets
  • Integrated stress relief
  • Nominal system performance 400A / 1000V in accordance with ISO/IEC 61851-23 Ed 2.0 CD.
  • Combined Charging System (CCS) type-1 (USA, Canada) or type-2 (Europe)
  • Complete system of connector, cable, inlet to HP-CS, junction to power supply, cooling system with pump heat exchanger or cooler and coolant
  • Charging times below 15 minutes
  • Simple and easy handling
  • Ergonomic connector design (thin, flexible, low weight)
  • Very robust
  • Secure and hygienic application  
  • Low service and installation costs
  • Future-oriented system
  • Customer specific design and labelling


System for super-fast charging of electric vehicles.

  • Passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Special vehicles

Technical Data

Electronical Data
Cable weight 1200 g/m
Cable diameter 30mm
Mechanical Data
Type CCS 1 400 A continuous, 600 V
Type CCS 2 400 A continuous, 1000 V
Customer Service
Customer Service
  +1 866 482 3778
  +1 704 587 1238