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CWDM 3port, add or drop, ultra blocking

CWDM 3port, add or drop, ultra blocking

Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer – CWDM
3port, Add or Drop, ultra blocking


  • Devices may be used as multiplexer or demultiplexer
  • Epoxy-free optical path, ITU G.694.2 and Telecordia GR1221 compliant
  • Low insertion losses
  • Packaging on line card or in CWDM sub-system for rack mounting on request


  • Passes one CWDM channel (to be selected by order code). Reflects all other CWDM channels
  • Metro Core, Metro Access, Metro Enterprise, Cable TV, 3G Telephony (UMTS), Datacom, WAN, RFTS, Sensor Applications
  • For analogue and digital transmission systems

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