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Smart, simple and scalable

Data centers around the world are facing increasing demands on space, efficiency and profitability. Doing more in less space, operating quickly and efficiently, and investing in long-term scalable solutions are significant daily challenges. HUBER+SUHNER strives every day to meet these requirements and help data centers in the colocation, telecom, broadcast and enterprise market segments reach their full potential. 

The HUBER+SUHNER data center offering specialises in fiber optic connectivity from high-quality structured cabling and space-generating fiber management systems to all-optical switching and fiber optic bandwidth expansion. Our goal is to help you build your data center on the strongest foundation possible to ensure you have the space, time and ability to reach the next level. 

Working with HUBER+SUHNER means you can expect: 

  • expandable solutions for today and beyond
  • engineering that does more in less space 
  • easy handling from start to finish  
  • exceptional partnership and service 
  • extensive options for on-time delivery 
  • endless commitment to exceed quality expectations 

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