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The SENCITY® Rail MIMO Low Profile Antenna

Utilise as much space as possible and still get great connectivity on a double decker train with the SENCITY® Rail MIMO Low Profile antenna, an omni-directional rooftop MIMO antenna that is just 40 mm in height. It covers services for 5G and Wi-Fi 6E bands and includes multiband GNSS options. Find out more.


Broadcast studio

Broadcast studio
New market trends such as Over-the-Top TV (OTT), Video-on-Demand (VoD), IPTV and an increasing number of live TV and remote productions not only influence the network architecture within the central equipment room but also the way in which these TV productions are created. 

4K, 8K and beyond will become the standard in the future. Since these audio and video productions require higher bandwidths – both within the internal network and to cloud providers and external networks – a fiber-optic-based network becomes inevitable at broadcast studios. An optical network has many advantages compared to traditional copper-driven networks. 

HUBER+SUHNER has a broad portfolio of pre-terminated and plug-and-play fiber optic solutions to address the challenges posed by the physical layer of a broadcast studio. Having a modular and configurable fiber optic network in place enables secure and reliable productions and guarantees that modifications to the network can be made easily and without interruptions. This allows the layout of the studio to be expanded, redesigned and physically reconfigured in accordance with the producer’s needs. The broadcast content provider can therefore focus on the content itself and does not have to worry about the communication network.

High-performance, ruggedised MASTERLINE cable assemblies can be installed quickly using ODC/Q-ODC connectivity solutions, providing maximum flexibility for cameras and audio recorders within the studio.
A LISA cross-connect distribution rack with a small footprint or IANOS® high-density distribution panel can be used as a distribution point to the control room and the Central Equipment Room (CER). The modular, flexible design enables changes to fiber counts and the lengths of fiber optic cables to be made according to the studio’s requirements. 

Fiber-to-the-desk solutions, based on IANOS® modules, can be installed as small hubs close to the working desks and/or TVs used in the broadcast studio. Using small diameter Optipack cable systems allows the fixed network within the broadcast studio to be adapted to the operators’ needs and supports rapid network expansion. 

Central equipment room

Control room

Outside broadcast

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