Multi-tenant area

Multi-tenant area
Enterprises are shifting their IT infrastructure to colocation data centers. The multi-tenant area of a colocation data center is a space containing the equipment of various enterprise customers. 

Providing connectivity from customer/tenant racks to the fiber backbone is the colocation provider’s prerogative. It is rare for every tenant to build direct links to other tenants in a data center. Colocation operators are responsible for the entire data center fiber backbone and for providing every data center tenant with access to the network. Once connected to the fiber backbone, customers automatically gain access to the entire data center network, including the meet-me room, other areas and the outside world.

Data center operators work with different types of customers – some require a simple 10Gb connection to the Internet via an Ethernet port while others need multiple 100Gb/400Gb connections to different network carriers and other data centers. Some customers will be satisfied with a pair of fibers; some will need a complete 72-port patch panel. Some customers require multimode MTP® base connectivity, whereas others may need single-mode LC-duplex base. Typically, the time to roll out the customer link in a data center is no longer than 24 hours, and some multi-tenant data centers can do it within a couple of hours. 

Customer requirements vary and planning connectivity for every tenant is a complex task. Data center operators may therefore benefit from having one universal approach for every tenant. Even if only one pair of fibers is required, it is good practice to install multifiber links, which can be 8, 12 or 24 fibers. Installing customer links is a time-consuming operation which has to be done as fast as possible, and it can take just as long to install one pair of fibers as 12 pairs. In addition, since installed customer links can be re-used when switching over to a new tenant, it makes sense to provide scope for extension. HUBER+SUHNER supplies different products for creating customer connection links in multi-tenant data centers. These include 12- or 24-fiber pigtail modules for 19” patch panels where the module is installed on the customer side and the cable tail is routed and spliced in the optical distribution frame. 

Another service which some colocation providers offer customers in the multi-tenant area of a data center is cage cabling. Typically, each colocation data center has a team of technicians and installers who can roll out structured cabling systems in a very short time. Depending on the amount of rented racks and space, this option may include the establishment of interconnections between main distribution frames, intermediate frames and customer racks using fiber trunks, together with cable management solutions.

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