PCIC Europe 2022
PCIC Europe 2022
PCIC (Petroleum & Chemical Industry Committee) Europe is the premier European forum for the information exchange in the practical application of electricity and automation in the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, including all upstream and downstream activities.
7/6/2022 - 9/6/2022

IT room

IT room
Telecom operators and smaller internet providers rely on data centers to support their operations. These data centers allow the carriers to offer IP, mobile and/or fixed networks by housing the equipment needed to offer various services to subscribers.

The outside plant infrastructure of telecom data centers connects the central office and customer premises. Switching equipment is located near outside plant cables and switches home and business customers to various services. The computing equipment of a telecom data center is located in its IT room.

In many cases, these IT rooms combine legacy systems with modern applications to ensure continuity while keeping operational costs down. As a result, flexible cabling alternatives are needed to support the many different services and equipment generations present in the network. 

IT room cabling is mostly organised according to the ANSI/TIA-942 or ISO/IEC TS 22237 standard, with the cabling areas arranged into distribution areas, equipment areas, the backbone and horizontal cabling systems.
Although a large number of variables apply when defining the IT room cabling for a telecom service provider, one factor is consistent across the globe: bandwidth demand, port density and power consumption are constantly increasing while latency is expected to be kept as low as possible. 

HUBER+SUHNER fiber optic solutions allow telecom operators to deploy IT room infrastructures that are capable of delivering high performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs. These solutions support a high fiber count, low optical loss and are easy to scale. Installation and operation are enhanced, reducing the risk of fiber disruption or attenuations. Modularity allows flexible configurations, including when splitters and xWDMs are needed.

With HUBER+SUHNER fiber optic solutions, IT rooms operate at the best performance. 

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