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    Meet-me room solutions

    Meet-Me Room (MMR)
    Enable efficient cross-connects and gain customer trust by setting up an immaculate meet-me room in your data center. 

    Your meet-me room allows total control over the data center environment. At HUBER+SUHNER, we bring you the fiber-optic solutions to make it secure, efficient and immaculate. 

    Efficiency guaranteed 
    Boost the performance of your meet-me room by accessing a wide range of reliable and easy-to-install connectivity options. With advanced, remote and automated all-optical switching technology, you maximise availability and reduce manual maintenance. Additionally, our bandwidth expansion solutions enable you to get more out of your existing fiber infrastructure. 

    An immaculate set-up
    Gain the trust of your customers by presenting an immaculate and powerful meet-me room. Our high-density and modular structured cabling solutions are scalable and long-lasting. Demarcation point and cross-connect methodology eliminate the need for exposed active device ports.

    Do you want to set up an efficient and pristine meet-me room? Contact our colocation expert team today. 

    Fiber backbone

    Multi-tenant area

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