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Customised OEM Modules

Customised OEM Modules

Cube Optics provides its expertise in optics and assembly to assist you in your system design and manufacturing. Many of our OEM customers in the telecoms, sensing, military and oil&gas markets don't get the naked Cubes but prefer and plug-and-play ready module solutions. Those comprise customised combinations of passive components like CWDM, DWDM, couplers, taps, switches etc. as well as active devices like detectors, lasers up to the electronics:


  • Module or line card design in accordance with customer specifications
  • Private labeling
  • Integration of passive components: CWDM, DWDM, taps, couplers, switches
  • Integration of active components: detectors, lasers,…
  • Integration of electronics
  • 100% quality control & burn-in, individual optical test reports
  • Material (boards, front plate, adapters) may be provided by customer or by CUBO in accordance withcustomer specifications