MTP-MTP jumpers

Jumper cables are used to make the final connection from patch panels to transceivers, or they are used in the centralised cross connect as a means of connecting two independent backbone links. Jumper cables are available with LC connectors or MTP connectors depending on whether the infrastructure is serial or parallel. Generally, jumper cables are short length assemblies because they only connect two devices within the same rack, however in some cases jumper cables can be longer, such as "middle of row" or "end of row" distribution architectures.

HUBER+SUHNER manufactures jumper cables which are optimised for the "in-rack" environment. Jumper cables are smaller and more flexible than conventional assemblies and connectivity is designed to allow highest packing density and easy, fast access. All of our jumper cables contain bend optimised fiber for enhanced performance under tight bending conditions, and our connectors are colour coded and identified based on base type and fiber type.

• Colour coded connector boots by fiber-count
• Ultra compact cable diameter
• Bend optimised fiber and flexible construction
• Available as Base-8, -12 or Base-24 types
• Robust construction

Base-12 MTP jumper cables

Base-24 jumper cables

Base-8 MTP jumper cables