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Base-8 MTP jumper cables

Base-8 MTP jumper cables

Base-8 MTP jumpers are used to connect fiber optic patch panels with servers and switches in 4-lane parallel architectures. They can also be used to connect two independent trays or modules within centralised cross-connects. Base-8 is the most common interface for 40G data rates and new developments in transceiver technology means that Base-8 could also satisfy 100G, 200G and 400G in the future.
Base-8 jumpers are identified by a grey boot at the rear of the connector so that users do not mistake it for a Base-12 assembly with black boot. Base-8 jumpers are fully compatible with Base-12 patch backbone cables and patch panels, however users should note that 33 % of backbone fibers will be wasted in such a case.


• Colour-coded connector boots by fiber-count
• Ultra compact cable diameter
• Bend optimised fiber and flexible construction
• Robust construction

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