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IANOS splitter modules

IANOS splitter modules

IANOS splitter modules are passive optical devices which can create a 100 % copy of the incoming signal with lower power level. They are used in passive optical networks to split the signal between various subscribers. Integrating IANOS splitter modules into the IANOS system saves valuable rack space by enabling splicing and splitting within a small footprint.

IANOS splitter modules are available as single-size or double-size modules with different splitting ratios. Colour-coded ports ensure simple and intuitive identification and handling.

Available splitting ratios are 1:2, 1:4, 1:8 (all single modules) and 1:16 (double module).


  • Single-size or double-size module
  • Multiple splitting types
  • Single-mode configurations


  • Splitting in passive optical networks
  • Laboratories