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The SENCITY® Rail MIMO Low Profile Antenna

Utilise as much space as possible and still get great connectivity on a double decker train with the SENCITY® Rail MIMO Low Profile antenna, an omni-directional rooftop MIMO antenna that is just 40 mm in height. It covers services for 5G and Wi-Fi 6E bands and includes multiband GNSS options. Find out more.

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3/11/2021 - 5/11/2021
Optical distribution frame CDR1200 by HUBER+SUHNER

CDR 1200 mm wide

The CDR 1200 is designed as a dedicated "patching rack" and is configured by adding a 300 mm wide cable overlength rack to the left-hand side of a standard 900 mm rack. The CDR 1200 is configured to provide an equal amount of cable management on both sides of the rack. The 1200 mm wide rack is ideally suited for patching applications with standard connectivity (patch cords or fan-outs) or 40G and 100G applications where MTP connectivity is required.


  • Only 300 mm deep and fully accessible from the front
  • Lightweight C-shaped frame for improved access to cables
  • Available as 900 mm or 1200 mm wide variants
  • Up to 1620 duplex LC ports per 47 U (18 ports per patching cassette)
  • Up to 1080 MPO ports per 47 U (12 x MTP connectors per patching cassette)
  • Integrated cable overlength management
  • Perforated doors to match nearby equipment cabinets
  • Quick-release doors (tool-free)
  • Quick-release side panels for baying racks together side by side (tool-free)
  • Mount against an unused wall or at the end of row, or back-to-back mount on a single floor tile of 600 mm
  • Removable back panel section for baying racks together back to back
  • Top or bottom cable entry with large apertures for all cable types, sizes and quantities
  • Fast installation of sub-racks from the front side
  • Easy mounting of sub-racks with unit position number strips
  • Side-by-side mounting with clear cable routing
  • Patching rack with an equal amount of cable management on both sides of the rack


  • Colocation
  • Broadcast
  • Telecom
  • Enterprise
  • Central Office