MTP-MTP conversion harnesses

Optipack conversion harnesses allow users to convert their existing MTP backbone cables to an MTP type which matches their active equipment. Conversion harnesses are a low-loss alternative to conversion modules because they eliminate one mated MTP pair across the link. Many of today’s legacy infrastructures are built using a Base-12 MTP backbone design, however experience shows us that this connector is rarely used on higher data rate switches or servers. Currently Base-8 is the preferred connector for 40G (SR4) transceivers and Base-24 is the preferred connector for 100G transceivers (SR10).
The wide variation of MTP connector types in the modern data center has led to some confusion concerning the identification of different Base-types. HUBER+SUHNER conversion harnesses are supplied with colour coded boots so that users can quickly identify the required connectivity type. This is particularly important with conversion harnesses that have different connectors at each end of the assembly.

  • colour-coded connectivity
  • Ultra low-loss
  • compact furcation divider and cable