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4/6/2019 - 6/6/2019
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Enhanced cabling rack

Enhanced cabling rack

HUBER+SUHNER’s comprehensive range of equipment cabinets is designed to fulfil the diverse needs of the typical data center operator. The cabinet range is based around a common construction of anodised aluminium extrusions which match the innovative CDR passive optical rack system. Available as active, switch, network or cabling variants, all 19" cabinets meet the detailed technical requirements for these environments and focus on adjustability, ease of access, high capacity and mechanical strength. Racks are equipped with adjustable equipment mounting rails with position indicators, fully bonded in compliance with the requirements of EN50310 and offer easy door and panel removal features that allow full access to the adjustable working areas without the need for tools.


• Rack configured in standard center frame layout (option "C")
• center frame assembly
• 2 x pairs of adjustable 19" mounting rails fitted centrally with U labels and RCM fingers at front
• Earth kit
• For alternative (same cost) frame options please contact customer services
• Doors hinged LH hinged as standard
• Supplied fully assembled and palletised as standard
• Enhanced cable entry top panel fitted front and rear with remaining aperture filled with plain panels
• 80 % vented server door front and plain steel door fitted rear
• Fitted with standard multi point locking swing handles
• 2 x pairs side panels

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Customer Service
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