For the first time HUBER+SUHNER will present its fibermanagement solutions at Cisco Live in Barcelona. The Cisco’s annual customer conference is one of the most important events to build the foundation for the digital future.

28/1/2019 - 1/2/2019
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DCCT Training

What is DCCT training?
Data center certified training is a fiber optic training course aimed at installers and system integrators who want to become official certified partners of HUBER+SUHNER. The course combines theoretical content and practical hands-on training so that a balanced level of content is provided. Our objective is to ensure that anyone working with our products has the necessary skills to both consult, design and install. The course is compiled by HUBER+SUHNER and can be delivered in one to three days depending on the type of individuals we are training and their availability. Generally, we try to complete everything in 1 to 2 days if possible because we realise that our partners are busy people. Successful participants will be eligible to resell, install and warranty installations made using our HUBER+SUHNER's data center portfolio. A DCCT installation certification is mandatory to successfully receive the 25 year system warranty.

Who should attend the course?
Anyone wishing to become an approved partner of HUBER+SUHNER for the data center market or anyone wishing to receive comprehensive fiber optic training for non-partner related reasons. For example, sometimes we train end-users who want to improve their general fiber optic knowledge or want to become aware of recent changes in the industry.

Can the training be adjusted to your needs?
Yes it can. We will adapt the training to suit the particular needs of your organisation and also the competence level of your employees. We can also focus in more detail on particular aspects should you require it. We do insist that companies wishing to become certified partners complete the appropriate aspects of the DCCT course content.

Where does the training take place?
We recommend that the training takes place in dedicated HUBER+SUHNER facilities. This will allow us to prepare the environment and ensure that the necessary hardware is available for the practical aspects of the course. On site training is available on request.

The following topics are covered in the standard DCCT training content:
  • Structured cabling principles
  • Data center cabling
  • MPO and MTP® connector technology
  • HUBER+SUHNER DC portfolio
  • 40G and 100G technology
  • The CDR and fiber trays
  • Equipment cabinets
  • Fiber containment systems
  • Connector cleaning
  • Commissioning and testing