OFC Conference and Exhibition
OFC Conference and Exhibition
OFC 2021 is the world’s largest conference and exhibition for optical communication and networking professionals. It's all virtual and HUBER+SUHNER will be showing a fantastic range including the world’s first miniature optical WDM coupling module up to complex data center solutions. 
7/6/2021 - 11/6/2021

Command & control

Command & control

Command and control centers are typically located within mobile shelters or bunker infrastructures and must comply with MIL-STD-188 (or equivalent) shielding specifications. Every point of entry into this type of Faraday cage has a negative impact on the screening effectiveness of the complete system.

HUBER+SUHNER EMP protector designs (coaxial and data line) offer bulkhead feedthrough solutions that guarantee high, long-term screening effectiveness and provide the lowest transfer impedance to protect any sensitive equipment. By using fiber optic cables within a traditional RF or datalink (Ethernet) system, it is possible to position the shelters further from the antennas without sacrificing loss or signal data integrity. Our RF-over-fiber system provides a significant advantage in terms of safety, overall screening effectiveness, and ease of installation.

In addition to the RF-over-fiber solution, HUBER+SUHNER can provide all additional connectivity solutions.


  • High, longterm screening effectiveness
  • Immunity against EMI, EMP

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