Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2019
Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2019
Mass-Trans Innovation Japan (MTIJ) is a biannual trade show and the only one specialised in railways technology in Japan. 
27/11/2019 - 29/11/2019
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Data line protectors
High flex cables
Microwave cable assemblies
Phase invariant cable & assemblies
Minibend series
Field terminated microwave assembly Eacon
RF cables RG/Enviroflex
RF cables Spuma series
Gas discharge tube EMP protectors
Self-locking connectors
Board-to-board connectors
Microminiature connectors
QMA/QN connectors
Power Sub Miniature connectors
Phase shifter
Fiber optic cables
Fiber optic cable systems
All-optical switches
Bandsplitter COLOR-Cubes
Wires and cables