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6/6/2023 - 8/6/2023

Wind tower down cabling

The cabling of an offshore tower is one of the most demanding energy applications. Access to offshore platforms can be made significantly more difficult by the availability of supply vessels and changing weather conditions. The reliability and durability of components in offshore facilities are particularly important features for this application because technicians must access the site by boat or helicopter if maintenance work is required. This means that maintenance work involves extremely high costs. The solution consists of a bespoke plug-and-play system which extends the intervals between maintenance work. When maintenance is required, the entire system does not have to be replaced and instead only individual components have to be exchanged. This means that maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

For land-based applications, our products are characterised by their ease of installation, low number of products required for maintenance and servicing, and the ability to install multiple systems at the same time. Thanks to the modular, scalable approach used for HUBER+SUHNER products, they all deliver simple handling. The product range covers small, medium and large-volume turbine types which can be installed cost-efficiently and quickly. Optimisation of the versions available and production batches enable us to guarantee excellent quality despite the low installation costs. In addition, recorded signals must be reliably transferred between sensors, actuators and the control system. Fiber optic technology is ideal for this purpose since it delivers maximum interference resistance in electromagnetic fields. HUBER+SUHNER supplies a wide range of high-quality fiber optic solutions for tower cabling which satisfy a demanding range of mechanical, thermal and chemical requirements and are simple and cost-effective to use. HUBER+SUHNER has a wide portfolio of robust cables, cable systems and accessories to provide our customers with a comprehensive complete solution for cabling in towers.

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