Front access fiber management systems

The LISA front access system is focused on speed of installation and network security during installation or maintenance. The LISA front access system represents a modular group of products that enables seamless connection of passive optical networks especially in central office environments. Reliability and performance are key to the success of our industry which is why we have ensured that the highest level of fiber protection and bend-radius limitation are standard across all front access system solutions. The center piece of the front access system is a unique and versatile compact module that can be used for pigtail, direct cable splicing or for the integration of pre-connectorised passive components such as splitters.

LISA compact modules for MultiCircuit (MCM) applications combine simple installation and maximum security within an optical network. An integrated loose tube storage facility in each module allows easy removal of the splicing machine without disturbing neighbouring modules. In telecommunication environments, the compact module is particularly suitable for simple physical connections between the equipment and the passive infrastructure by means of inter-connect or cross-connect.

4U sub-rack

BTU - break-out termination unit

The LISA BTU enclosure is a suitable sub-unit for accommodating patch cords, manifold cables or breakout cables such as SMARTLINE or MASTERLINE cables. Pre-terminated and thus factory-tested cable systems allow high fiber count links between the equipment and the passive infrastructure which can be installed on site in a matter of minutes. Breakout cable ends such as SMARTLINE cables can be securely housed in BTUs.

The rack mount slide-out type BTU enables distribution, termination, patching, storage and management in one unit. The BTU supports cross-connect architecture and provides the transmission of the equipment interface in a passive network equipment rack. Each distribution enclosure incorporates a slide-out drawer to allow full frontal access and operation. The distribution enclosures use a fiber guide mechanism which guarantee fiber bend control. Horizontal cable guides are also incorporated on the front of the patch panel to allow the horizontal routing of patch cords. The fiber distribution enclosures can be mounted in standard 19" equipment rack or in the LISA NGR, respectively CDR rack platform.

CTS - customer termination shelf

The CTS splice box is the ideal product for connecting micro-duct systems or loose tube cable installations. With the modular LISA ACS cassette system, the options between SingleCircuit, MultiCircuit, splitter or combined applications are easy to realise. As the CTS is designed as a pure splicing device, it offers the possibility to connect blown-in fibers with cable pigtails in a simple way. A further benefit of the CTS is the hinge system which turns up to the front and allows optimal access to all installed cassettes.

MCM compact module

MCM splitter module

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of high-quality splitters with pre-terminated fiber ends integrated in modules. Such modules are either used for monitoring applications or in PON networks having a low split ratio with a maximum of 2:16 per module.