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CTS - customer termination shelf

CTS - customer termination shelf

The CTS splice box is the ideal product for connecting micro-duct systems or loose tube cable installations. With the modular LISA ACS cassette system, the options between SingleCircuit, MultiCircuit, splitter or combined applications are easy to realise. As the CTS is designed as a pure splicing device, it offers the possibility to connect blown-in fibers with cable pigtails in a simple way. A further benefit of the CTS is the hinge system which turns up to the front and allows optimal access to all installed cassettes.


• 18 ACS splice cassettes in 2U (max 432 splice connections), fully accessible from the front side
• Swivelling unit with interlock function for easy access to tray systems and incoming cables
• Robust steel construction
• Protected blown-fiber/micro cable connection into the tray system with secure strain relief
• Integrated bending limiters for secure pigtail guidance


• Central offices
• POP stations
• Street cabinets
• Transition points to multiple dwelling units or offices

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