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Board-to-board connectivity

Connectivity between building blocks in vehicles often includes RF or high data rate requirements. Separating buildings blocks brings advantages, such as modularisation and higher flexibility in the design process, which is often a requirement to allow for the customisation of the vehicle.

In order to minimize cost, cables are often abolished; however, simply removing cables is not a solution, since this would lead to a mechanically overdetermined system causing stress and errors.

To overcome this, HUBER+SUHNER offers board-to-board solutions (MMBX, MFBX and MBX), allowing board-to-board, board-to-panel and board-to-board-through-panel connectivity.

Besides excellent electrical performance (low losses, high power ratings, etc.), this technology brings features such as blind-mateability and large axial and radial working ranges, which is the key for reducing mechanical stress.

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