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Wireless/cellular connectivity

Industrial vehicles are typically connected to a network to transmit information on transported goods, status, location, battery charge and other information. This connection is typically wireless since vehicles are highly mobile.

Connectivity can require various features, including high-current and high-voltage protection for rail vehicles operated under a catenary line, salt-water protection when operated on a marine-related installation, or a vandalism proof solution when operated on a vehicle which remains outside during nights.

With regards to antenna size, vehicles may require a separate antenna or a fully integrated solution in the vehicle’s housing. On the electrical side, features may include cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi, GNSS (GPS), Tetra or frequency bands for other services.

HUBER+SUHNER provides a comprehensive portfolio of antennas for all kinds of requirements as well as RF feeder and jumper cables, connectors, RF cable assemblies and lightning protectors to complete the solution required for connecting a radio on a vehicle to the antenna.

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