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Antenna solutions for dedicated space

Antenna solutions for dedicated space
Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) communication is key for the future deployment of ITS. Specifically, coverage on high-capacity roads, such as motorways, and traffic lights are key to increase safety and efficiency. In this context, examples for increasing safety may refer to reducing accidents in traffic jams before construction sites, and increasing efficiency may refer to increasing throughput at traffic lights.

To reach these goals, antennas providing good coverage to the targeted areas is of high importance. For highways, this is mainly realised using directive antennas on gantries or on construction vehicles, whereas around traffic lights, omnidirectional antennas are used. For good coverage, antennas typically need to put up on a gantry, mast or other installation, which again requires an installation which is resistant against environmental conditions. Since installations are typically difficult to access, products should be robust and work for a very long period without requiring service.

HUBER+SUHNER provides a solution for many related applications with its wide portfolio of directive and omni-directive antennas, RF cables and connectors, as well as lightning protectors. Combined antennas (such as Wi-Fi, ITS-band and cellular combined in one housing) may additionally reduce installation effort and cost.

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