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Sensors and sensor cables

Connecting an increasing number of sensors to electronic products can be demanding and complex, especially when size, performance and cost targets need to be fulfilled. HUBER+SUHNER products are often used when high reliability, extended temperature range, resistance against oil and chemicals, increased shielding requirements, stable electrical properties (capacity, impedance), highest flexibility or other key properties are necessary. HUBER+SUHNER products are increasing reliability as well as stability of the system and simplify installation of the connected sensors.
In other applications, customized HUBER+SUHNER products are directly used as sensors. This may include capacitive or optical sensors based in coaxial or optical products, respectively. Using unique materials may additionally allow for size and cost reduction, as would employing the sensor in locations where standard products do not work anymore.

Besides the sensor itself, the data connection from the sensor location may ask for similar requirements, where HUBER+SUHNER provides a complete portfolio for wired and wireless connectivity.

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