IAA Transportation 2022
IAA Transportation 2022
The IAA Transportation is a leading international trade fair show, which highlights climate friendly commercial vehicles. From power buses to e-cargo bikes, this global event fouses on indispensable mobility for clearner transportation solutions. 

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20/9/2022 - 25/9/2022
Semper – self-extinguishing gas discharge tube (GDT) protector

Semper – self-extinguishing gas discharge tube (GDT) protector

The patented Semper concept enhances the safety and reliability of the well-known and proven gas discharge tube (GDT) protector principle impressively. It eliminates the risk of gas discharge tube "hold on" due to DC line powering or high powered RF signals, which will render the system inoperable and can destroy the discharge tube. HUBER+SUHNER offers a unique concept of self-extinguishing GDT protectors. The unique and patented Semper solution is realised as a simple unit which enables the use of the comprehensive range of HUBER+SUHNER GDT protectors with a replaceable GDT. An easy retrofit of existing GDT protectors is possible or available as complete Semper protectors in a variety of configurations. Whereas many applications generally benefit from the enhanced safety and reliability that the Semper concept offers, applications using DC line power for remote signal amplification and processing and those using high RF power will find self-extinguishing lightning EMP protectors of specific interest.


  • Self-extinguishing gas discharge tube with automatic recovery
  • Extinguishing under any coaxial line condition including:
    – Malfunction of electronic fused DC supplies
    – Malfunction of RF line monitoring
    – Absence of any such mechanism
  • Can be employed for any HUBER+SUHNER GDT protectors with exchangeable gas tube
  • Field replacement allows cost-effective system upgrades
  • Product options ensure availability for any application
  • Higher safety
  • Negligible system downtime


  • DC transmission for remote powering
  • Transmitting high RF power
  • Tower mount amplifiers/repeaters
  • GPS receivers
  • Point-to-point/multi-point radios
  • Defense/security radios
  • Remote installations
  • Uninterruptible surveillance radio control or navigation systems