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3400 quarter-wave shorting stub technology protector

3400 quarter-wave shorting stub technology protector

HUBER+SUHNER quarter-wave lightning EMP protectors offer the best lightning protection available in the market, as they form a short for surge signals basically. They have been established as a worldwide industry standard by HUBER+SUHNER as the original manufacturer. The products are maintenance-free and feature the best protection performance with both the highest surge current handling capability and the lowest residual pulse amplitude. Also, their RF performance is superior to other designs, including passive intermodulation. HUBER+SUHNER lightning EMP protectors series 3400 offer a large variety of products and can be adapted to any application. Besides connectorisation and mounting principle, the frequency range has to be selected properly due to their generally limited bandwidth.


  • Broadband
  • Available for application bands between 380 MHz and 18 GHz (N, SMA)
  • Best PIM performance
  • Highest current handling capability up to 100 kA max.
  • Maintenance free