PMRexpo digital
PMRexpo digital
The fair is an ideal setting for identifying new trends, getting to know the latest innovations in the field of professional secure communications.  Visit our virtual booth and discover our holistic solutions intended for indoor, outdoor and vehicle professional communication applications. 
24/11/2020 - 26/11/2020
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The generator supplies the microwave energy. An integral controller allows the power, treatment time and temperature to be controlled. The device is used in the vicinity of the patient and must therefore meet high the safety requirements that apply in human medicine. An integral DC/DC block provides protection from high voltage. At the same time, sensors monitor the temperature and radio frequency power level. The robust radio frequency connectors on the device are designed for frequent connection cycles and ensure that the generator has a long service life.

Low loss generator cables
This cable assembly has been tuned for minimal losses, high power and combines the microwave source with the output connector. Flexibility, relatively tight bending radii and the easy installation of the snap-lock connectors help with the miniaturisation of the generator and ensure efficient assembly. In addition, shielding properties are an important criterion to ensure that all EMC requirements can be satisfied.

Housing connection
The radio frequency connector on the generator output must ensure that the power can be transferred and must also be designed to withstand the high number of connection cycles of the transmission cable. The connector must be easy to use while also ensuring a high level of connection reliability. At the request of the customer, it is also possible to manufacture and use modified radio frequency connectors for this application.

Amplifier output
The high-performance connector is installed directly on the microwave amplifier housing and connects the power output directly to the printed circuit board inside. Quick-lock connectors, such as QN connectors are often used to make the connections easier.

DC block
The use of a DC block to insulate the generator from the applicator on the internal and external conductors of the coaxial cable creates a galvanic separation from the generator. This protects the patient and the medical staff in the event of an electrical fault.

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